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Our Vision

We believe that origami-inspired folding techniques can revolutionise the way we approach and solve engineering challenges


About Us

PliFalTec is a young french company which is using the processes coming from origami and observable in nature to conceive  and offer innovative products targeting any industrial application

Its members are forming an international network of experts driven by values of creativity, inventiveness, quality and sustainability

Gathering Arts and Engineering, PliFalTec dream up solutions in line with the most beautiful technical and architectural realisations

Its products are playing with folding in all its dimensions, being at once high-tech, aesthetic, ecologic, timeless

Know-How and Expertise

Through its diversity of skills and its connections in the academic and industry world, PliFalTec can take part and knows how to mobilise its experts in all the sectors of activity where applications of folding appear as relevant solutions : packaging, mobile architectures, mechanical engineering, medical devices, microsystems...

Its experts are mastering all techniques steming from origami (traditional, rigid, dynamic, 3D, modular, tessellations, with a unique knowledge around crumpling), know how to select and work with several materials (paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastics, metals) and are gathering various skills, such as engineering, design, architecture, industrialisation, covering a whole range of sectors of activities


To conceive and manufacture its products, PliFalTec uses standard professional tools but also develops its own specific tools  adapted to folding techniques


By mobilising its international network of experts and thanks to the complementarity of its skills, PliFalTec can offer its know-how in all stages of a project : Idea, Conception, Design, Manufacturing, Industrialisation


Beyond the functional, packaging becomes transformable, clever with an aesthietic dimension to enhance the packaged products

Suited for the high-end packaging market, but equally for all packaging type, with a touch of luxury.​

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Lightweight Constructions

Temporary, on-site deployable and reusable structures characterised by their light weight, compact size, ease of handling and transport, thermal and phonic insulation properties and associated to the aesthetic design dimension.

Particularly suited for the events sector.

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PliFalTec's DNA

PliFalTec's mission is above all to promote techniques inspired by traditional origami and its more recent derivatives. PliFalTec fits in with an international scientific community whose craze for folding and its potential continues to grow.

Vincent Floderer, co-founder of PliFalTec, is a recognised and respected artist in the world of origami. Vincent has been promoting this art on the international scene for more than 25 years as evidenced by the following excerpt from the reference documentary produced by La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse : The Origami Code


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PliFalTec SAS

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